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Christina Forbes-Thomas


Christina Forbes-Thomas is a graduate student at Pacifica Graduate Institute, California, where she studies Depth Psychology with a specialization in Jungian and Archetypal studies. She is from the Caribbean Island country, Jamaica. She has special interest in psychic and creative processes that facilitate psychological transformation and healing, symbolism, and psychic images that can express and contain the numinous in lived experience. Christina is an advocate for the return and revaluing of myths and the old stories and for their inclusion in efforts to recover the symbolic imagination, ways of knowing and being. She works toward offering therapy through poetic practice, an archetypal approach that helps women to reconnect, engage with, and nurture the sacred through direct experience. Her writing engages myths as tools to amplify cultural events, exploring both the inner lives of individuals and the collective challenges of groups.

Light at the Tunnel

I hope voice will be comfort

so you sleep tonight.

I hope your days will be numbered

only by stars in the sky

I hope your dreams will be coloured

by more