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Craig Webb

Craig Webb, Executive Director of the non-profit DREAMS Foundation, is a McGill University graduate with pioneering dream and lucid dream research at Stanford University and Montreal’s Sacré-Coeur Hospital. As an author, columnist, and hired/invited expert for major motion pictures, fortune 500 companies, universities, international TV networks, numerous magazines and e-zines, and well over 1000 media (ABC, BBC, SyFy/NBC/Universal, Discovery Channel, New York Times, MSN, etc.), he’s broadcast/published cutting edge approaches on dreams, lucid dreaming, applied psychology, communications, creativity, and the science of mind, as well as interviews with leading visionaries. His trainings have enabled CEO’s, celebrities, best-selling authors, world-class athletes, and other clients from all walks of life to make profound breakthroughs while having loads of fun. Craig also helped found/produce “Making Contact” (a progressive radio show airing weekly on 150+ stations for 25 years), and has designed multiple personal transformation devices with worldwide distribution. For over two decades, he's had the privilege to lead numerous training programs and over 1500 miles of transformational training programs. He has performed and presented at benefit concerts and events, and served as a volunteer for Children's hospitals and environmental organizations, Montreal's suicide hotline, 3rd world development programs, and various other humanitarian causes.

Craig offers highly transformational online classes in Applied Dreaming, Dream Interpretation, and Lucid Living. To learn more or register, please visit:

Craig Sim Webb's book, The Dreams Behind the Music, reveals little-known dreams that inspired tremendous success for over 100 top artists, and highlights principles and techniques anyone can use to harvest their own dreams for significant breakthroughs.

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