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H.D. Lee

Nomadic School:

Life coaching:

I love to learn, teach, coach, relate and create. My life has guided me to experience a diversity of work and cultures. My work is in life coaching, and I specifically seek to work with clients who are dealing with the challenges of change Life inevitably wants to bring us. My calling is in working with groups of all ages within the context education for the express purpose of personal and transpersonal development.

I have served in advisory roles for the social educational non-profit HundrED in Finland and Xinzhai-Better (心斋-貝德幼兒全人教育中心) in China. I am fluent and literate in Chinese, French, and English, I have lived or worked in the US, Germany, France, England, Taiwan, China, and Belgium. Formerly an information technology and business consultant for many years, I also taught transpersonal & positive psychology to international students at Sofia University (USA).

H.D. Lee holds degrees in economics (University of California at Berkeley, USA), transpersonal psychology (Sofia University, USA), certifications in psycho-spiritual coaching (The Synthesis Center, USA), Chinese Medicine (本元堂, China), information technology (IBM), business negotiation (Karrass), projective dreamwork (MIPD). He has completed extensive arts training at the California Art Institute (USA) and is also currently a student of jazz.

Dreamwork in Community at Nomadic School

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“All dreams come in the service of health and wholeness” is the insight by which I was introduced to dreamwork by my teacher Jeremy Taylor. This more