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Jaye Beldo


Jaye B is a writer, musician and artist. His art criticism has appeared in Art Paper, New North Artscape, Art Muscle, Northfield Magazine and elsewhere. His articles have also appeared in City Pages, Twin Cities Reader, Mysteries Magazine, Fahrenheit San Diego, High Plains Reader, New Dawn and Rain Taxi. He has appeared on BBC Radio, WGN Chicago, WLW Cincinnati and elsewhere in the mediasphere to discuss his work.

Review: The Lucid Dreaming Kit by Bradley Thompson

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The ability to maintain awareness of a dream while dreaming seems to be considered difficult if not impossible by many peop more

Network Nous: Time Dreams

Keeping an extensive dream journal on a computer for the last three years has proven to offer insights hardly expected from such a medium. As an more

Network Nous: Dreams of Invention

The best news far in 1997 has been an invitation to write a column for Dream Network. I have chosen the title Network Nous, using the Ionian philo more

Dream Democracy: Integrative Dream Narration

In all the groups that I've participated in throughout my life, whether educational, political, artistic, professional and even ones based on me more