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Jill Gregory

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Jill Gregory is a dream networker and educator who founded the Novato Center for Dreams in 1987. A charter member of the Bay Area Dreamworkers Group, she has served in leadership positions since 1987. She was the Dream Network Bulletin's interviewer from 1987 to 1989, working with Linda Magallón and Bob Trowbridge.

Jeremy Taylor: Dreamwork as a Social Movement

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Jeremy Taylor was born in Newton, MA and raised in Buffalo, NY. He left home at age 15, going to the Virgin Islands where he learned scuba divin more

Viewing the Interviewer, featuring Jill Gregory

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Linda: Jill, what excites you the most about dreams?

Jill: What interests me is their potential for transforming how we experience life more

Bridging the Continent: An Interview with Shirlee A. Martin

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Jill: Shirlee, who have been your mentors?

Shirlee: For many years, I have been enamored by Carl Jung and I do Jungian-style dreamwork. Another per more

Dream Wizard: An Interview of DNB Editor Bob Trowbridge

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Those who know Bob Trowbridge tend to see him as an easygoing teddy bear of a man with a quick wit and strong sense of humor as well more

Interview with DNB Publisher Linda Magallón

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Jill: Linda, would you describe for me what it is that you do with dreams?

Linda: I do dreamwork with individuals, teach and give presentations at more