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Joy Fatooh

Editorial Director,

Copy editor, IASD Newsletter


My earliest memories include dreams and my fascination was intensified by sharing a mutual dream with my sister at the age of 11. Psi dreaming has seemed natural ever since; lucid dreaming comes easily; and I especially enjoy exploring the potential of lucid psi. I love inspiring others to expand the horizons of their dream worlds and above all I treasure the incidents that reveal our ultimate connectedness. It's been my hope since that first mutual dream that science would advance beyond its hesitancy to acknowledge, let alone explore, that which isn't readily replicable and measurable with current technology.

I’m an active member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams: I participate in, and occasionally present at, IASD conferences both online and in-person, and served a term on the Board of Directors. I currently copy-edit the IASD newsletter Dream News and serve as Editorial Director of the IASD magazine DreamTime.

Contest Inspires Group Psi Game: Dreaming Minds Unite!

It all began in a dream telepathy contest, where strange – stranger-than-usual – things happened.

It was 2006, my first year attending the Intern more