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Marlene King


Marlene started her first dream journal at age 8. She has accumulated volumes since then filled with images, feelings, symbolism and characters that never fail to educate and inspire her and elucidate her waking world. Her philosophy is that working with people and their dreams is all about pulling in the pieces the unconscious hands us in our dreams, and integrating them into waking life to add dimension and arrive at that “ah-ha” meaning.

As a professional art therapist and active member in the dream community for over 35 years, her approach to dreamwork is both intuitive and eclectic, and is sensitive to each person based on her toolbox of knowledge and experience of working with individuals and groups. She believes that a creative approach to dreamwork via expressive means can be done through journaling, art, dance, writing or Gestalting with dream imagery or any expressive method meaningful to the dreamer.

Marlene served on the board and was a regular contributor to Dream Network Journal for nearly two decades. Her column, “Dream Times,” appeared there and in the North Kitsap Herald.

You can schedule personal dreamwork by phone or email via the contact form on her website. She also has a blog,, that contains inspirational true stories and reflections from her life.

Her inspirational novel, The Rainbow Watchers, released in the fall of 2018, is spiritual fiction based on a true NDE (near-death experience) that explores the possibilities life has to offer on both sides of the veil. To learn more, visit

Marlene holds a B.A. degree in Art History from the University of California, Santa Barbara and an M.A. in Art Therapy from Marylhurst University. A member and affiliate of IASD since 1984.

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