Planning and Incubating Dreams: Dreams and the Tarot

Are you able to recall dreams? If so, do you write them down? Have you ever tried posing a question before retiring in order to dream a solution? With practice, these concepts can be achieved. Throughout the day, remind yourself:

“I want to remember my dreams.”

“Upon awakening, I will recall and write down my dreams.”

Incubating a question helps me to have dreams.

Entice yourself to savor this rejuvenating nightly experience. Create a relaxing environment in your bedroom. Decorate with a dream catcher and soothing srroundings. Maintain a comfortable room temperature.

Before retiring, enjoy your bedtime rituals. Take a warm bath and put on comfortable night clothes. Drink warm milk or herbal tea. Read a few pages on dreaming. There are numerous books on the subject. The internet also has information. Let yourself unwind.

Keep a few items close to the bed so that you don’t have to lift your head or move much upon awakening. It’s easier to recall dreams when you remain in bed with your head on the pillow. Move as little as possible to reach your dream journal, pen and flashlight. If it’s easier for you to verbalize, use a hand held recorder and tape to document your dreams. Do what works best for you.

Dreams and the Tarot deck of cards contain symbology. This form of language can help you gain knowledge about yourself and life. There are many versions of the Tarot. Select a deck that you feel drawn to and take your time getting familiar with them. There are seventy-eight cards in a deck. Fifty-six cards make up the Lower Arcana which are divided into four suites: wands, cups, swords and pentacles.

The Higher Arcana is based on twenty-two archetypes. They can help in your life’s journey when you invoke them in dream incubations. Consider a challenge in which you need help. Ask a specific deity a question on how to deal with your situation. This can bring about a dream that will give you a solution.

Consider the following examples:

Challenge: Needing a change from your daily routine.

The Fool Incubation: How can I be more spontaneous?

Solution: You dream of driving your car over the state line for a weekend getaway.

Challenge: Feeling confused about where to start fixing things at home.

The Magician Incubation: What is my next domestic project?

Solution: You dream of painting a fence.

Challenge: Having problems comprehending your friends’ viewpoints.

The High Priestess Incubation: How can I understand others?

Solution: Dream of a group of people taking off their eye glasses and engaging in open conversation.

Challenge: Your family seems to be moving in different directions.

The Emperor Incubation: How can I develop my leadership skills?

Solution: Dream that you are checking out four books from the library.

Challenge: You are being torn between old ways and new patterns.

The Hierophant Incubation: How can I make transitions?

Solution: You dream of attending a lecture on philosophy.

Challenge: Not being able to get close in a new relationship.

The Lovers Incubation: Why am I holding back from my friend?

Solution: You dream of the Ying Yang symbol.

Challenge: Feeling unaccomplished in your career.

The Chariot Incubation: How can I achieve my goals?

Solution: Dream that you are journeying on a zigzag sidewalk that becomes a straight path.

Challenge: You are experiencing emotional pain.

Strength Incubation: Where is my hidden power?

Solution: Dream of coming face to face with a wild animal.

Challenge: You are not able to connect with sacred patterns.

The Hermit Incubation: How can I find inner truth?

Solution: Dream of a room filled with people meditating.

Challenge: You are feeling out of control.

The Wheel of Fortune Incubation: How can I resolve issues?

Solution: You dream about the four seasons and how they change.

Challenge: You are at odds with your mate.

Justice Incubation: How can I be fair to my companion?

Solution: You dream of being a mediator between a couple.

Challenge: You are experiencing an inability to change your routine.

The Hanged Man Incubation: How can I become less rigid?

Solution: Dream that you are walking up a cliff.

Challenge: You are pining about your recently broken friendship.

Death Incubation: How can I let go?

Solution: You dream of dry leaves falling to the ground.

Challenge: You feel overwhelmed with your job.

The Devil Incubation: How can I become less obsessed with my work?

Solution: You dream of a puppet breaking it’s strings.

Challenge: You feel stuck with unproductive thoughts.

The Tower Incubation: How can I think differently?

Solution: You dream of playing a cello upside down.

Challenge: Feeling pessimistic about your future.

The Star Incubation: How can I find hope?

Solution: You dream of walking toward a light at the end of a tunnel.

Challenge: You are having a hard time making decisions.

The Moon Incubation: How can I make choices?

Solution: You dream of flipping a coin.

Challenge: Currently, you are physically and emotionally worn out.

The Sun Incubation: How can I be optimistic?

Solution: You dream of being at a school ground and playing with the children.

Challenge: Finding fault with others is causing you problems.

Judgment Incubation: Why am I so critical?

Solution: You dream of looking into a mirror and seeing your own reflection.

Challenge: Feeling overwhelmed is causing you frustration.

The World Incubation: How can I feel joy?

Solution: You dream of declining the chance to work overtime and go fishing.

Before going to sleep, write down the date and dream incubation in your dream journal. Draw or select a Higher Arcana archetype that you think will be able to help figure out your given situation. Meditate on the card and question before falling asleep. When you awaken, document your dreams. Don’t hold back, edit or judge what you have experienced. Let the thoughts flow freely. If you can’t remember a dream, jot down symbols, words, thoughts, ideas or anything else that comes to mind. Light your path to wholeness. With time, practice and consistency, you will become more in tune with your inner guide.