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Arthur Strock


Book: Live By Your Dreams, free download

Arthur Strock, Ph.D., is a Founding Life Member of the International Association for the Study of Dreams. He is dedicated to sharing information about dreamwork and how it can be used to improve our lives. Dr. Strock holds advanced degrees in psychology and clinical social work. His professional experience includes work in hospital, corrections, school, and private practice settings. He has also taught psychology courses as an adjunct faculty member at colleges in New Jersey. His writing includes a column in the Dream Network Journal and articles online and in other publications. He is a retired school psychologist and psychotherapist who provides dream workshops for professionals and the general public. Arthur published “Live By Your Dreams: Heartwarming Stories About Dreams and What They Tell Us” in 2015 and is available on Amazon and as a free download from his own website. Arthur resides in New Jersey with his partner, art therapist Susan Dingsor. They enjoy their rural location overlooking a natural spring-fed lake that offers relaxed kayaking during their leisure time.

Live By Your Dreams, now available free to download

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Long time DNJ contributor Arthur Strock's book 'Live By Your Dreams' is now available free to download! You can find it on Arthur's website at ar more

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