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Volume 34, issue 1: New Beginnings

The Dream Network has arisen again from five years of hibernation, and from the midst of a pandemic. We think there's never been a better time for a popular, eclectic journal of dreaming. But to quote Bill Stimson, the founder of the network:

The Dream Network is not the publication; the enterprise proper isn't a publishing one. To speak the truth of what the Dream Network is about for us is to find our myth, and where else but among our dreams? It is for us to use our dreams in a way that enables us to come together honestly and deeply... People sense this somehow and so they've helped the energy and unfoldment move forward.

In the spirit of that statement, we've added some more networked features to the site. You can see tabs for Dream Groups and notices above. If you'd like to put your own group, project, event or anything else there, let us know.

This is a tentative rebirth, the first new collection of articles and art, like a fresh sprout from the earth. But it's filled with gems. Some pieces, like Arthur Strock's discussion of children's nightmares, reference recent events like the pandemic surrounding us, others look to timeless and archetypal themes. Paco Mitchell and Russell Lockhart's latest installations in the series 'Dreams, Bones and the Future', do both.

Enjoy the new fruits of the Network at your leisure. We're hoping to do the same around the end of 2021, so do say hi if you'd like to submit something.

Inoshi, Dan and Roberta, and feel free to send an old-fashioned letter to the editor:)

Cover image: Orna Ben-Shoshan, 'Arrival to the Third Heaven' (2018).

Inner cover: Touch Drawing selected from an Inner Portrait by Deborah Koff-Chapin