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Henry Reed


Henry divides his time between being a goat rancher and being an independent scholar of psychology, involved in writing, teaching, consulting, research and counseling. His speciality is cultivating the creative spirit in others, working from both humanistic and transpersonal viewpoints.

He received his Ph.D. from U.C.L.A. and was Assistant Professor of Psychology at Princeton University and Professor of Transpersonal Studies at Atlantic University. He has authored several popular books and professional articles and produced several instructional videos.

Reed was termed the "Father of the Dreamwork movement" because of his creation of Sundance: The Community Dream Journal, that helped spark the national dreamwork movement. He had a one-man show of his dream inspired watercolor paintings at the Virginia Beach Center for the Arts, and created an annual "Dreams and Creativity" program for the City of Virginia Beach. He also consulted on a three hour series for the Discovery channel on dreams. He now leads people on home-based dream quests and paints watercolor mandalas for them as a channel of prayer support. The Smithsonian Institute invited him to give a lecture about his "Dream Solutions" method of creative dream work.

He is Senior Fellow at the Edgar Cayce Institute of Intuitive Studies where he regularly provides training, consultation and research. He is also a Licensed Professional Counselor with a private practice in Mouth of Wilson, Virginia, specializing in intensive, transformational work, centered in dreams, energetic healing, and creativity. He is the founder of Creative Spirit Studios, which is a collaborative of lightworkers involved in using creative spirit in healing, teaching, and innovative service projects and research. Their virtual headquarters is at and Henry maintains a well-equipped studio at Flying Goat Ranch in the Appalachian mountains, where he breeds and trains work friendly goats who help out and entertain guests of the spiritual healing sanctuary that exists on the ranch. His most recent projects include creating an "Intuitive Heart Discovery Group" network around the country training people to become Intuitive Heart practitioners and the development of the online "webzine," Intuitive-Connections Network, located at

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