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Volume 22, issue 2: Peace

Can the World Dream Peace?

“Nothing happens unless first a dream.” - Carl Sandburg

I would like to talk to you about The World Dreams Peace Bridge, my current dreaming proje more

Holistic Dream Studies in Academia

A hundred years from now our future ‘ancestors’ will look back to appraise, hopefully with compassion, what we have contributed to the evolution more

War in Iraq: Nightmare or Waking Dream?

As American bombs began raining down on the city of Baghdad, I found myself in shock, feeling as if we are living in a world gone mad. I feel im more

Dream Tending & Story Telling: An Inter-Generational Process

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I grew up in a household that valued intuitive, non-linear thinking. My father, Roy Henry Schul, raised m more

Thoughts on the Evolution of a Dream Cherishing Culture

profile image moreConfident of new creation which your dreaming strokes will paint, radiant in its truth and beauty more

Excerpted from the Evening Hymn of Wond more